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The Arizona Burn Foundation exists to improve the quality of life for burn survivors and their families in Arizona, while promoting burn prevention and fire safety advocacy and education.

For more than 50 years, Arizona Burn Foundation has provided high-quality support programs for children, adult burn survivors, and their families. Two Maricopa County surgeons — Dr. MacDonald Wood and Dr. William Price — and attorney George “Fritz” Randolph established the Foundation in 1967. Ever since, we’ve collaborated with organizations, communities, medical professionals, burn centers, and hospitals across the state to ensure that anyone who suffers a burn injury receives the highest standard of care and assistance. What’s more, we help burn survivors reclaim their identity and that our work is instrumental to their holistic recovery. Burn and fire safety starts with prevention and education. Through our two signature programs Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™  and Community Smoke Alarm events, we bring positive and proactive change that saves lives!


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